Ladybug Bikini Espresso and I  have a history. When I first discovered this unique drive -thru on its own island in University Place, Tacoma’s neighbor, it was a barely noticeable  structure, painted grey. That was over 3 years ago when I began my coffee spot research. I created a painting of what was then Penelope’s Espresso, only to drive by two years later and discover that Penelope’s had closed. (This kind of thing has happened a few times during my coffee spot research).  For over a year it was unoccupied and bright red. Just a few months ago I drove by and the little ‘house’ had grown large, not to be missed black spots.

Ladybug Bikini Espresso

Ladybug Bikini Espresso

I was not about to let a perfectly good painting of mine go to waste.   I decided that I could do the obvious, follow Ladybug’s example-paint the house in the painting red, add spots, Voila !  My neighbor’s VW ‘bug’ inspired me to do a bug-to-bug image. This coffee spot is decidedly MORE eclectic and noticeable than when I first visited. And of course, so are the bikini clad baristas ! I’m not sure if this residential neighborhood is happy with such an attention-getting kiosk, but it’s fun inclusion in my eclectic COFFEE Spot book IS.

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