Eclectic COFFEE Spots in Puget Sound

Eclectic Coffee Spots of Puget Sound

eclectic COFFEE Spots in Puget Sound represents Marsha’s journey into the realm of coffee establishments
around the Sound. It is filled with Marsha’s own paintings and photographs along with impressions of what she observed
taking place in various coffee spots around the region.

As an artist, my goal in creating this book was to celebrate
the visual and eclectic nature of a particular Puget Sound coffee spot, perhaps its ambience, its architectural
character, the motif, furnishings, or curb appeal, whatever its distinguishing personality might be. My book does not
seek to focus on the characteristics of the coffee but rather on the place where we imbibe.
. ~ Marsha Glaziere

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This fun and fascinating book issues an enchanting invitation into current coffee culture. Marsha Glazière’s work is richly textured and framed from a poet’s perspective. Who better than an artist to weave the Pacific Northwest’s most romantic tale? As though she were recovering buried treasure, Marsha expertly guides us through Latte Land, from proud bean to magical elixir, sharing both coffee and her delight….one cup at a time. Seek out your favorite corner table, order your favorite espresso drink, and spend an afternoon with your new favorite coffee table book. ~ Laurie Cheeley, Roastmaster for Highlands Coffee Company General Manager DIVA ESPRESSO
Marsha Glazière’s work has been featured in my Seattle, Washington and Sun Valley, Idaho galleries, and her one-woman exhibition in Idaho proved to be both aesthetically powerful and successful. Her equine imagery in particular was exceptionally well received. I believe this is due in part to Glazière’s sense of balance. Collectors, exclusively within a realistic sensibility, responded to her accurate portrayal of the horses’ muscle definition, movement and gaze, while the clientele with abstract preferences equally appreciated her work for what it evoked. ~ Andria Friesen, FRIESEN GALLERY
Seattle, Sun Valley, Amelia Island, Florida embraced Marsha Glazière’s interpretation of the beautiful North Florida landscapes in an abstract form like no other artists has been able to accomplish. She brought to the canvas her unique transformation of the Atlantic coast, the wildlife, and all the emotion it evokes. So it is no surprise that her ability to live in, embrace, and explore the surroundings of the Pacific Northwest, brought her to this new venture of capturing the area’s favorite indulgence in an art form. Sit back and enjoy her incredible use of color and texture in bringing to life these beautiful and eclectic establishments. ~ Susan O’Steen, O’Steen Art Consulting Ponte Vedra Beach / Amelia Island Florida